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Topaz invites community contributions

What is Topaz?

The Transient Fault Handling Application Block (Topaz) makes your application more robust by providing the logic for handling transient faults. It does this in two ways.
First, the block includes logic to identify transient faults for a number of common cloud-based services in the form of detection strategies. These detection strategies contain built-in knowledge that is capable of identifying whether a particular exception is likely to be caused by a transient fault condition.
Second, the application block enables you to define your retry strategies so that you can follow a consistent approach to handling transient faults in your applications. The specific retry strategy you use will depend on several factors; for example, how aggressively you want your application to perform retries, and how the service typically behaves when you perform retries. Some services can further throttle or even block client applications that retry too aggressively. A retry strategy defines how many retries you want to make before you decide that the fault is not transient or that you cannot wait for it to be resolved, and what the intervals should be between the retries.

How do I use Topaz?

Official releases are available via Nuget. You can also head to for additional information, documentation, videos, and hands-on labs.
If you want to try out the latest changes that have not been officially released yet, signed interim builds of the Topaz code base will be made available via gallery.

What is going on?

We use the Issue Tracker for updating the product backlog (both feature requests and bugs).

How do I contribute?

We welcome your contributions. Check out project and contribution guidelines.

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